Future Gohan is surprised to see Trunks but realises that he is not the same Trunks he knows. Suddenly, Trunks looks at Krillin and points towards Vegeta, revealing that he's stalling to lure Cell away from his father. Gohan also brought the now alive Future Gohan, as well as Future Pikkon and Future Bardock to help them. While Trunks appears to be marked from the battle and exhausted, Future Trunks showed no sign of exhaustion at all. He also finds out that the machine has been there for four years, (a full year before he defeated Frieza and King Cold), and wonders if this is why history has changed so much. Not wanting to settle to his limits as a Super Saiyan 2, Future Trunks displays mastery of the form, with him in the manga being able to power up so much that his strength matches Super Saiyan 3 Goku's, as noted by Vegeta. 1920x1080 Bardock e Mirai Trunks Aparecem em Dragon Ball Super! Later, he assisted the others in their fight against the Ghost Warrior's (which consisted of Frieza, Turles, Slug, and Cooler); his opponent was Frieza. After the Future Warrior fixes history and are celebrating their success, Chronoa informs them that Trunks has fully recovered and is awake. Trunks is a slim yet well-built young man of below average height and light skin-color; his facial features and skin-tone are inherited from his father. However while the Future Warrior is away, Demigra escapes the Crack of Time and attacks Toki Toki City and absorbs Tokitoki granting him power over time and space. Trunks is quite close to Mai and has saved her life on a number of occasions (and vice-versa). She attempts to promote the Hero Colosseum through ads over the Time Patrol's PA system and handing out Hero Figures. Future Trunks can fuse with his present timeline counterpart in Dragon Ball Fusions, the fusion takes most of its appearance from Future Trunks with the clothes and even retains his sword but also has blue and purple hair (which is a mixture of Kid Trunks and Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks' hair colors). After regrowing his arm, Cell prepares to end his battle with Vegeta. However Demigra refuses to admit defeat and flees. Whilst watching his father fight Cabba, Trunks is horrified by his father's brutality but then realizes his father was actually helping Cabba acquire Super Saiyan as an act. However unknown to Bulma and Gohan, Future Trunks’ original plan was that he was simply going to stay in the present world and him going back into a different future was actually what changed his mind after speaking with Gohan. When Vegeta and Tien arrive at the battlefield, Piccolo explains Cell's origins and plan to everyone. Beerus decides to give the Time Patrol a chance if Trunks and the Future Warrior manage to defeat Beerus and Whis in a sparring match. In this form, Future Trunks' muscles swell even larger than in his Super Saiyan Second Grade, his hair gets spikier and larger, and his power grows immensely. Par conséquent, le Roi Vegeta est son grand-père paternel, Monsieur Brief son grand-père maternel, Madame Brief sa grand-mère maternelle, Bra sa sœur et Tarble son oncle. He and the others continued their battle but to no avail as Future Trunks was soon knocked into a wall, and later smashed into a railway by Broly. Cell then asks what Goku is doing, and Trunks answers that he's training to defeat him and by tomorrow, Goku will be the one to finally kill the Bio-Android. Allegiance Shenron grants the wish and disappears. [21] He gains a much more bulky appearance during his transformation, but at the completion of this state his muscles shrink back to normal size (his footsteps crack the ground below him), his hair grows longer and much more spikier (similar to the Super Saiyan Second Grade form), he has a double gold and blue aura with lightning, and his eyes glow as his irises and pupils are no longer visible. Before a killing blow can be dealt, Goku and Vegeta return from the past and draw Black and Future Zamasu's attention, allowing Future Mai to save Trunks. After a brief talk, he easily dispatches of a few Battle Armor-cladded cyborgs in his base state, using a technique that appears to be the Burning Attack but with blue energy instead. Later when Gotenks showed up and attacked Tagoma and defused. Krillin glares at Cell and calls him a monster for absorbing Android 18. Peace for the Future! However they are knocked out of the wormhole by a ki blast from the now freed Bardock. Trunks and Cell Jr. stop fighting from Gohan's power. Intrigued, Vegeta tells Cell to go and obtain his Perfect Form but as Cell goes to leave, however, Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan and cuts him off. He then buys Goku and his father some time so that they can fuse into Gogeta. Il est très respectueux envers sa mère et son maître et ami, Son Gohan du Futur. In Age 784, Trunks travels back in time 20 years, in order to warn Goku about the android threat in the near future, as well as to deliver medication that will cure Goku of the heart virus that he is supposed to die from. Trunks?"). Afterwards, Trunks is lectured on how Goku and Gohan mastered Super Saiyan to decrease strain of transforming, as Trunks is amazed that he didn't think to master it. Assistant to the Supreme Kai of TimeElite Time Patroller[2]Capsule Corporation President[2]Supreme Kai Disciple[7] Cell has found you!". Goku comments that Future Trunks is stronger than Gohan was during the fight with Cell, and Future Trunks says that he has been training every day since he returned to the future 10 years ago. By the time we are introduced to the pair of Androids, over three fourths of the world's population has been eliminated due to their spree of destruction. Trunks du futur (未来のトランクス, Mirai no Torankusu), tout simplement appelé Trunks (トランクス, Torankusu) dans la série, est un personnage du manga Dragon Ball d'Akira Toriyama et des animes adaptés de celui-ci, Dragon Ball Z et Dragon Ball Kai. A bowl cut, long hair with ponytail, and long hair. In order to redeem his wrong actions, Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol,[18] and he was warned by Dende and Piccolo that Mira was causing chaos throughout time and space. This power was enough to slay Fused Zamasu. Movie Debut Trunks immediately tries to convince his father otherwise, as the super-charged blast could destroy the Earth, but Vegeta still proceeds. Therefore, the two Trunks had completely different lives (as opposed to those who lived before the Time Machines arrived, who lived exactly the same lives as their counterparts until the point at which the two timelines diverge, three years before the androids arrived). As such, he is usually surprised at events (on a different layer than the fact that history was different from his recollection). Chronoa and Elder Kai are relieved as Chronoa states they'd be lost without him, though Elder Kai is dismayed by her frankness. Figure height approximately 6-7cm (2-3 inches). Trunks then destroys the Wormhole to prevent any further problems and tells the Future Warrior to return to the Age 767 of the main timeline to check on Gohan and the others. They also have quite a bit of personality differences; while Present Trunks is cocky and arrogant like his father, Future Trunks is not, taking more after his mother Bulma. Future Trunks and Future Gohan prepare to fight the Androids. Hearing this, Goku quickly alerted everyone to run and activate the time machine. Before he faces Cell, Mr. Satan does a stunt where he stacks fifteen roof tiles and chops through fourteen of them with his bare hand, which leaves Trunks and the others confused. In the Epilogue, Trunks: Xeno believes he is stronger than the two Future Warriors as he is more experienced and has been a Time Patroller longer than either of them but Old Kai refutes his boosting noting that being more experienced wouldn't necessarily make him the better fighter. Android 18, Android 16 and Krillin all panic, and Cell flies toward them. Future Trunks quickly devises a plan to separate the immortal Future Zamasu from Black and succeeds, leaving Black to fight Future Trunks in a sword duel. When Ozotto gets Hatchiyack to destroy the machine and gathers his Six-Star Special Dragon Ball, Ozotto uses his teleportation abilities to send Trunks and Cooler back to the Green Area. Elite Shonen. My name is Trunks, and I came from 20 years in the future. Trunks powers up again, ready to fight seriously. Piccolo instructs the pair to do that while he and Tien search for Cell. Trunks says that he is going, as he must see the machine with his own eyes. The fusion takes most of his look from Vegeta, but he also has Future Trunks' coat and jeans. Future Trunks as a Super Saiyan Second Grade. While watching Gogeta in action, Hearts summons a powerful God Meteor. Future Trunks was also able to best Goku Black in a sword duel, send him flying back with an attack, and also just survive Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black's fully charged Black Kamehameha. Main article: Universe Survival Saga Goku then shows Future Trunks the Super Saiyan 3 form. After eating the Senzu Bean, Krillin warns Trunks that Vegeta stands no chance against Cell, and that he will easily be killed. Gohan holds his own against the Androids at Pepper Town, being stronger than each individually (only in the anime; Gohan initially lost against Android 17 who was using less than half his full strength, and even after the years of training with Trunks, he is effortlessly defeated by the foe and killed before Trunks awakens) but unable to compete with both of them and their infinite energy reserves. He leaves the protection of the Earth to the much stronger Gohan, and says a final goodbye to everyone. Goku remarks that he and Vegeta took a long time. In Bojack Unbound, Future Trunks in his base form was able to handle Tien Shinhan while holding back (as Tien wanted to give the fans a good show), before he overpowers him by turning Super Saiyan; during the fight with Kogu, Trunks held his own while on the defensive until he was forced to transform and killed the rogue swordsman. Gohan asks Piccolo to give him clothes like the one he wears, so the Namekian uses his Magic Materialization to give the boy Demon Clothes. 261 Favourites. Krillin asks Bulma for the machine's exact location, and Bulma tells him the coordinates. After the battle, Bardock is no where to be seen as the defeated Mira regains consciousness and admits to himself that he lost. Goku helps Future Trunks to his feet and tells him that he is impressed with his power and is amazed that he was able to get so far on his own. Thanks to training in the past, Future Trunks' power is greatly increased. Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! Later, Trunks and Elder Kai observe an altered history of Age 767 where Imperfect Cell manages to absorb Android 17 and 18 together, causing him to transform into his perfect form and bypass his Semi-Perfect form. When his attempts to tell Vegeta of his suspicions fell on deaf ears, he went over with Paragus to New Planet Vegeta, namely to further attempt to convince his father to not do it. Future Trunks as a Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Heroes. Trunks tells them everything that happened while they were training, from Cell's completion to the announcement of the Cell Games. As they make their way to Kame House, Trunks suggests that he go even farther back in time using his Time Machine and destroy the androids before they are activated, since they now know where Dr. Gero's Lab was. https://youtu.be/MuxSRiBsMIQ Future Trunks turns super saiyan for first time 1995 VS 2016 Piccolo implores him and Gohan to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again, but Goku says that he and Gohan will train in the outside world, to Piccolo's surprise. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Vegeta, Future Trunks achieves the level of Super Saiyan Second Grade. In the A Desperate Future Saga, he, Future Gohan, and the 2nd Future Warrior were able to simultaneously stand against Mira and overpowered him with their combined might enhanced by their fighting spirit. Download. The completely unscathed Trunks returns home since everything now seems at peace with the Earth, except he knows one thing remains: Cell who is likely around in his world. In the manga side story after the "Future" Trunks Saga, Gohan talks with Bulma after Trunks left and revealed that he was actually wanting to go into the future with them just to visit Future Bulma and see what it was like in the new future world they were going to. However, before they can ponder this further Towa appears. Shortly after, he and his father join Piccolo and Android 17 in their fight against the newly powered up Kamioren. Color 16 : Trunks as The Wizard who sliced in two Hildegarn. Cell continues the attack on Trunks, but Krillin takes advantage of the opportunity to grab Vegeta and fly him to safety. to seek the aid of warriors in the future (the players themselves, later called Time Patrol) through having them complete Time Machine Quests. Goku returns and gives Vegeta the Senzu Bean, who feeds it to Future Trunks. Color 6 : Kid Trunks DBZ Color 7 : Trunks GT Color 8 : Kid Trunks DBS Color 9 : Trunks DBS Color 10 : Trunks DBS when he was with his younger version in the present. Future Trunks begins to laugh at Vegeta and proclaims his victory over him, offering to help him up but Vegeta refuses and storms off. Once fully adjusting to this power, Future Trunks' eyes return to normal and resemble the eyes of the standard Super Saiyan forms' green. The first is when he went back in time to save Goku from the heart virus and killing Frieza and King Cold as well, drastically altering the course of the future. When fought in game Future Trunks also has Villainous Mode active, however when playable he lacks this additional form. When he thought that Goku Black had killed her, Trunks became so enraged that he immediately attacks the dark entity. After reuniting with his mother, Bulma, Trunks hears a news update on the location of the androids and he quickly powers up into his Super Saiyan form, now greatly augmented by his two years of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. His voice is also temporarily deepened in this form, further representing his changed demeanor. After the Future Warrior defeats Frieza and his brother Cooler, he goes to aid Trunks in fighting Mira. He notes that this timeline is different, and Gohan asks why. Suddenly, Chronoa is attacked from behind by Towa who having managed to steal Tokitoki's egg, reveals it has enough power to break the seal on Demon Realm and cretaes a wormhole to free Mira from the Time Rift. — Trunks discovers Gohan has been murdered and finally becomes a Super Saiyan. You should've let me help you! This revelation causes Trunks to realize that she used knowledge obtained from his captured and brainwashed partner to hack into the Time Nest's communications in Age 852 as well as explaining why they hadn't been able to contact his partner. Mirai Trunks, SSJ And SSJ4 / DBZ BT3 Mod! Eventually when Future Trunks explains his world to Present Trunks, Present Trunks begins to show great care and concern for his older counterpart, loving him as if he was his older brother. After recovering, Future Trunks takes Future Mai to Bulma who orders Future Trunks to fix the Evil Containment Wave jar with super glue, reminding Future Trunks that he is good at puzzles. Not long after coming back to the present, Future Trunks encounters and battles Fu. Future Trunks, Goten, and Kid Trunks head out to locate the Dragon Balls, and finally manage to collect the last one. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Future Trunks killing Frieza in a flashback of Resurrection ‘F’. Address kick him into the air, then follow up with an elbow smash to his back, driving him into the ground. Goku admits that he wouldn't stand a chance. In his childhood, he wore a white shirt with blue long sleeves and the Capsule Corporation title on the chest along with grey sweatpants and blue boots. Yamcha and Krillin then ask what the point of his trip to their timeline was, and Trunks says that he was hoping to find the androids' weakness or bring Goku to his timeline. He successfully pulled out the Z Sword and trained with it to increase his strength. It's not fair! Trunks is surprised at the difference made by the fusion. Despite his best efforts, Cell is no match for Gohan's new power, and ultimately, the boy forces him to regurgitate Android 18. Concepteur. However, he retracts his disdain for the boy after being surprised by the young Saiyan's strength after they battle, most notably at his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan at such a young age. After ten days, the day of the Cell Games finally arrived. And I promise that will not be repeated here!" Trunks' favorite vehicle is the time machine. Overcome with anger and grief, Trunks finally transforms into a Super Saiyan (in the manga, he was able to transform already, but due to his inexperience was unable to even keep up with an arm-less Gohan in his normal state, until his training for the next three years) and spends the next few years training to avenge his fallen allies, though he still struggles to defeat them. All seven warriors arrive at the Cell Games arena, and are joined by the already present Vegeta and Android 16. When Towa reveals that she created a Wormhole connecting Earth to New Namek, causing Metal Coolers to appear, Trunks heads to New Namek ahead of the Future Warrior and infiltrates the Big Gete Star and programs a self-destruct sequence into the central computer. — Future Trunks defeating Fused Zamasu in "Showdown! At Parsley City, the Androids are about to kill another innocent man (in the manga he is killed before Trunks' arrival by being shot in the face by 17), when suddenly Trunks hurtles a very accurate energy attack which narrowly misses 17. After being defeated by Future Zamasu and Black (even with Goku and Vegeta's assistance), and realizing the rogue Supreme Kai's immortality and the dark entity's ever growing power, Future Trunks felt utterly hopeless on being able to save everyone in his time, but eventually got over it thanks to his Present counterpart. After waking up and eating a Senzu bean provided by Future Yajirobe, Future Trunks rescues Future Mai from a combined blast attack from Black and Future Zamasu after she attempts to assassinate Black. Vol. Chronoa mentions seeing "Little" Trunks and Goten playing with them earlier, so Trunks and the warrior decide to go ask them about the figures. He and Future Mai headed out shortly after and witnessed Zamasu lifting Bulma by her coat (the same way Black held Future Bulma). Chronoa and Elder Kai decide to give Trunks time to recover from his emotional and heartbreaking reunion with Future Gohan and handle things on their own for a little while. He and the others barely manage to escape from New Planet Vegeta's destruction from Comet Camori. He then prepares to fight off Cunber in order to buy time for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito, but is easily choked out by the Evil Saiyan. However even though Future Trunks is very different from his main timeline counterpart he shares one trait with him and that is his ability to create and execute complex battle strategies and attack at appropriate times during battle while battling stronger opponents to gain the advantage and this trait Future Trunks displays on a large number of occasions throughout his appearances in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super this trait he may have inherited from his father.