Passenger services are operated by Camrail. C’est un quartier avec des coins très calme et en même temps vivant, l’un des rares quartiers de Yaoundé où il y’a moins d’embouteillage et de pollution. # l 'ere de la nouvelle dynamique# Fight against insecurity and beautification of the Municipality. Locals use major traffic hubs, landmarks and names of neighbourhoods, or quartiers, for navigation and this is the best way for visitors too. The public postal service Campost [formerly dead link] is cheap, but unrealiable. Domestic airlines regularly fly Douala-Yaoundé. A vous l'antenne. Bakeries are often the only places open on public holidays. La maison est climatisée( salon, chambre) une salle de bain baignoire eau chaude, toilette séparé. Yaoundé doesn't have a very lively nightlife, though there are still a couple of options. ), they will probably have checked it out. Locals are very hospitable and it's not rare that foreigners are invited to weddings, funérailles (celebrated between December and March to commemorate the dead) and similar events. Follow the advice in Travellers' diarrhea#Prevent to reduce the risk for food-borne diseases. While there are many more dangerous places in Cameroon and Africa than Yaoundé, crime can still be an issue here. NTOUGOU :é&oldid=4108955, Listing with Wikipedia link but not Wikidata link, Articles with formerly dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Outright robberies — often at knife or machete point — are also a risk. Here there's a bit of a variety, and plenty of places to get a beer. Visitez notre site : pour des illustrations pratiques, puis faites vos réservations à l’adresse suivantes: +237680529480 ou écrivez-nous à [email protected]. Those that do usually only accept Visa (Hilton accepts a wider range of cards). While Yaoundé is not exactly a tourist hotspot, it does have a few attractions and serves as a gateway to the rest of Cameroon. Yaoundé : Institut de formation statistique. Located at about 700 m above sea level, it is surrounded by hills, swamplands and small streams. Train travel is an experience in itself, like is often the case in developing countries. The city now has a more civilian character: civilian institutions were established and Yaoundé started growing quickly. Euro is by far the best hard currency to bring, with the US dollar as a distant second. The Bastos quartier, with most homes owned by Cameroonians, is home to foreign embassies and the expatriate European community (drawn mainly from the diplomatic corps). There are many hotels in Bastos for around 20 000 to 30 000 CFA, but you can't expect too much. Ils multiplient pour cela, des descentes inopinées dans différents quartiers de la ville de Yaoundé. Scribd es red social de lectura y publicación más importante del mundo. 13 Le Café de Yaoundé, Ave Winston Churchill (Hippodrome). Know the conversion rate before you go in case you need to haggle, but the group of people who change money outside the Casino give a good rate without haggling (650 CFA per Euro, vs. a 656 CFA per Euro official rate). It is recommended to hire a private taxi recommended by your hotel or a friend. Il s’agit de know l’histoire qu’il y a autour des names de certains quartiers de Ongola. Par moment, les noms résultent des … Stadtkreise und Quartiere. This video is unavailable. This video is unavailable. As a foreigner, however, it may take time to adapt to the local driving culture. The locals are more accustomed to the local microorganisms than visitors, which means you can get problems also from food that locals are able to consume. L’on rencontre également à Bastos des clubs de remise en forme et de relaxation, des centres de gymnastiques. It was an important military foothold for the Germans until WWI when Yaoundé was invaded by Belgian troops and after the war it became the capital of French Cameroon and has been a seat of government ever since. It is located on the homeland of the Ewondo and Eton peoples, though nowadays it's home to people from all over the country. Street stalls are everywhere, but a nice place to go is Nlongkak roundabout. Watch Queue Queue The rest of the city is made up of a sprawl of small houses, including both businesses and homes. Hotel Le Diplomate, Yaounde: 5 Bewertungen, authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Le Diplomate. Situé dans le quartier très sécuriser et très prisé de Golf à Yaoundé, cet appartement est chic et hyper sécurisé avec gardien et parking. Contact: . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also, you will encounter street vendors who have their merchandise spread over the pavement. just say 300 francs (in French...) and you'll probably be fine. C’est l’un des quartiers de Djoungolo, où se trouve le stade Ahmadou Ahidjo qui est le stade omnisports de yaounde-Cameroun. You can usually purchase medicine without a prescription. Place Ahmadou Ahidjo, at the southeastern end of Boulevard 20 Mai, is considered dangerous even in broad daylight. The city's not really set up for tourists, but some fun things to see are the Mvog Betsi Zoo (primates and lions, with a kid's playground), the Mokolo Karket (very big and in-your-face), Mont Febe, or maybe the swimming pools of some of the hotels — see Buy and Do sections below. Boulevard du 20 mai, the main boulevard of the city stretching from northwest to southeast, is bustling with life. You will of course do this at your own risk, but it can be useful in an emergency if you know what you're doing. Bienvenue sur votre page d'application. There is also the American Language Centre in Bastos, if you want to learn American English. It is sad to see eager and well intentioned volunteers have their time and money wasted (and their benevolent zeal diminished!). If you're staying a longer time in the country, you may want to open a local bank account. Internet speeds are also far below what you might expect. However, Google Maps reportedly covers the city well. Etude monographique de l'emploi dans le quartier "Dakar" de Yaoundé : mars-avril 1976 / André Serre Institut de formation statistique Yaoundé 1976 Les réponses à vos questions sur le forum Yaoundé. Should this happen, it's a good idea to contact your embassy for help. Les immeubles de haut standing sont à chaque coin de rue. Nous vous offrons la quintessence des maisons à louer et des résidences locatives au Cameroun. at the airport, outside the Hilton, and at the Casino supermarket. At large banks near Hotel de Ville and Hilton you can exchange money. While laundry is available as an official service at upscale hotels, at lower range hotels ask the employees to wash your clothes for a small sum. Nom de la rivière qui prend sa source au nord de Yaoundé et qui se jette dans le Mfoundi, Djongolo a donner son nom à l’ancien village dans lequel sont situés les quartiers Elig Essono, Mvog ada, Etoa Meki, le Centre Commercial et le quartier Djongolo actuel. Clothes that have been dried on a clothing line outdoors have to be ironed afterwards to kill sand flies that the clothes may have caught. In the 19th century Cameroon was a German colony, and Yaoundé was founded as a base for the ivory trade by the explorer and officer Richard Kund in 1889, and a few years later a military garrison was established there. Kundrezensionen und 0.0 Sterne. Aside of hotels and restaurants, tourist infrastructure is rather sparse, though locals are in general friendly and helpful. In the northwestern end you can see some of the biggest landmarks in Yaoundé including the Hilton Hotel, BEAC building and several government buildings. There's a ring road in the southeast from Mvan through Ekoumdoum, Awae, Nkomo until the highway towards Akonolinga in the Quartier Biteng, and it is being slowly expanded. Dans le souci d’accompagner et d’impliquer les populations de Yaoundé 2 à améliorer leurs conditions de vie à travers des esquisses de solutions trouvées par elles-mêmes, l’exécutif municipal actuel a mis en place les comités d’Animation et de Développement, véritables pôles de développement dans les quartiers de Yaoundé II. Die Quartiere sind vor allem als Orientierungspunkte wichtig: Barrière – Liegt peripher ganz im Süden am Stadteingang an der Straße nach Douala. Quartier Bastos @ Yaounde, Cameroon, Yaoundé, Cameroon. C’est un nouveau quartier où les jolies maisons poussent comme des champignons. There are several swimming pools in Yaoundé. Le projet PACAEDC c’est un très grand projet qui sensibilise les populations sur le développement et la propreté de leurs quartiers. Liste des quartier. E.g. The trains might not be air conditioned, are often delayed (one reason is that freight trains have priority and passenger trains often need to wait at stations) and train accidents are sadly all too common. If a taxi doesn't stop for you, it's probably because they are taking someone who has hired the whole taxi. Toutes les annonces de location ou vente d’appartements à Yaoundé sur Africa Immobilier, leader de l’immobilier au Cameroun When getting around in public, proper clothing is important, so avoid shorts, flip-flops, sleeveless shirts or bathwear. Situé au Nord de Yaoundé, le quartier Etudi où siège le palais présidentiel, tire son nom de l’installation des populations de la tribu Etudi dans cette localité lors des migrations Beti, bien longtemps avant l’arrivée des européens. 14 Chez Whou, ☏ +237 6 63 87 11 64. Ticket scalpers and petty thieves are other things you need to be aware of. You get to meet fellow travellers and vendors boarding the train at stops. D’où l’origine des noms des quartiers de Yaoundé est complexe. Située entre le 45ème degré de latitude nord et le 15ème degré de latitude sud, la Commune d’Arrondissement de Yaoundé 2 dont la mairie se trouve au quartier Tsinga est considérée comme porte d’entrée et de sortie de toutes les sommités mondiales de passage ou en séjour au Cameroun grâce à sa proximité avec le palais présidentiel (Palais de l’Unité). Traffic jams are common, even as there's a relatively small number of vehicles per population. The main arteries lead from the north (highway towards Mballa) to the south (highway towards Douala) and east (highways to Ayos and Mbalmayo). Blogs, photos, forum Yaoundé sur Pricey (~10 000 for your meal) food. Dovv in Bastos is another option, and has many European brand-names (though at the cheaper end of the scale). Internet, both wired and wireless, is considerably slower than in first-world countries, and price per bandwidth is higher. The Douala-Yaoundé trunk road route is extremely congested, with a number of official and unofficial check points along the route and should be avoided at night when accidents are very common. Orientation can be a challenge as streets, except for a few ones downtown, don't have names. Pick one of the bigger banks. In addition, unhygienically handled food and water can lead to amoeba infections, cholera and hepatitis. Best Dining in Yaounde, Centre Region: See 2,248 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 106 Yaounde restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. 1- BASTOS. Il importe de signaler qu’en raison du nombre croissant des quartiers de la ville, certains quartiers perdent leur noms d’origine pour de nouveaux. Umgebungspläne von Yaounde Kamerun, Lage von Einkaufszentren, Bahnhof, Krankenhäusern und mehr. There are also much slower Omnibus trains several times per week, serving rural communities along the line. DECRET N°87-1365 DU 24 SEPTEMBRE 1987 portant création de la communauté urbaine de Yaoundé. In addition to connected computers some, but not all, offer Wi-Fi. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1531 Me gusta. and Centre régional africain d'administration du travail. Yaoundé ist administrativ in sieben Stadtkreise aufgeteilt und besitzt eine Vielzahl von Quartieren, welche auf informeller und pragmatischer Basis benannt sind. They take one or two passengers and often drive carelessly, so you should try to avoid using them. Also signage is generally lacking, and printed maps usually just cover the central parts of Yaoundé. Les populations du quartier Messassi, dans le 1er arrondissement de Yaoundé ne décolèrent pas contre Luc Messi Atangana (photo), le maire de la capitale. Some of the Chinese restaurants in Bastos have good mid-range options. At the end and the beginning of the month, be prepared for long queues (up to 50 m). There are several daily services from Douala, brand new Intercity trains takes 3:45 h to complete the journey. Effective bandwidth is about 50 kbps for mobile Internet and 100 kbps for wired. They might want a small fee for this, but will otherwise generally be happy to be photographed. A plate of beans should cost between 200-500CFA, an omelet around 500 (or 1000 if in a restaurant with chips), and a plate of spaghetti maybe 500CFA. Regular buses tend to be crammed, though it is possible to buy more than one seat for yourself. Situation géographique: . There are a number of supermarkets around. Yaoundé est à l’honneur aujourd’hui. Défis de la pérennité des services d'eau dans les quartiers précaires: Cas des quartiers péri-urbains de Yaoundé | Stéphane Lako Mbouendeu, Barthelémy Ndongo | ISBN: 9783639509441 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. In crossings controlled by traffic lights, turning right on red is not only allowed but mandated. It may be a good idea to hire a porter who can also help out with your shopping and protect you from pickpockets. If in doubt, it might be best to not take that picture, rather than risk having a soldier or policeman delete all your pictures, or confiscate your camera. Watch your step when walking; hazards include potholes, missing manhole covers and mud puddles. au nord-est par la rivière non dénommée (Nkolo II) côte 686 ; à l'est et au sud-est par la rivière … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more. Basic precautions will reduce the risk of you becoming victim. Au Cameroun, l’accès aux systèmes d’alimentation en eau potable en milieu urbain apparaît sélectif. Also, HIV is widespread. Public city buses are operated by Stecy. Voici le top 05 des quartiers les plus chics et splendides de Yaoundé. Don't expect exact answers to questions about distances, durations and such. #Etoudi2018” Europe, cars entering have the right-of-way and the cars already in the roundabout must yield. Site web: . In addition to the city centre, these are some of the most important for visitors: Alternately, one could get off in Douala and take one of the numerous bus or train services to reach Yaounde (a 3-4 hour ride). Eh bien! Keep an eye on your belongings at stations. Road traffic is in general unsafe compared to first-world countries. Canal: LMA - Le Monde Aujourd’hui 05h30 TU - Voix de l'Am. GSM, 3G and 4G networks are available. Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon, and the country's second most populous city. The main artery is the axe présidentielle leading from the presidential palace in Etoudi to the airport. There are no meters, fares are negotiated. ATMs are the cheapest way for getting money from abroad. It is situated on a hilly, forested plateau between the Nyong and Sanaga rivers in the south-central part of the country. Parfois, la signification vient des phénomènes observés. Les activités sportives sont très pratiquées à l’esplanade du stade omnisports. Connaitre les quartiers de Yaoundé ., forum Yaoundé. Yaoundé (französisch) [ja.unˈdeː], in deutschsprachigen Texten auch Jaunde, ist Hauptstadt und mit 1.299.446 Einwohnern (Stand 1. As of July 2018 there's a total of 13 lines, most of which radiating out from the centre along the main streets. La vie à Etoudi est particulière et les logements très extraordinaires. La rue' dans la ville africaine (Yaoundé, Cameroun et Antananarivo, Madagascar" [City streets in Africa]. Negotiate before hand, and don't pay more than 3000. The ATM at the Hilton is the only one that accepts MasterCard. A Odza l’air est encore bien fraiche et l’environnement tout naturel et belle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The water is usually of bad quality, so to prevent infections you should use ear plugs or a tight swimming cap to prevent water from entering your ears. Tout y est propre et ordonné, les logements privés comme publics. Packed food is available at supermarkets. Photographing sensitive areas is forbidden. At the outskirts of the city there are some deep wells built by the Swiss organization, Martin Stiftung, and the water here is of a better quality than elsewhere. Expect short and intense rain showers during the wet season, especially between July and September. C’est lui qui baptisait les Ewondo, les Eton, les Yambassa, les Bamiléké de la région de Yaoundé et all le moto qui désirait se marier à l’église catholique. Ces quartiers sont qualifiés comme les plus chics et les plus huppés de Yaoundé cependant, il y’en a aussi de très attractifs mais la distance très longue du centre-ville et l’état de route font défaut. To see the network maps, go to Stecy's website and scroll down. C’est l’un des quartiers où la vie est plus chère à Yaoundé tout simplement à cause de son originalité de quartier développé dans un pays sous-développé. Tap water does not hold first-world standards, though some locals still drink it. They will generally accept Euros but some may also accept dollars. Most of the embassies are in the Bastos area, though some (e.g. Because nous sommes le meilleur quartier de Yaoundé. If it's critical that the letter or package gets to its destination you should rather use a courier service. It's better to take a friend or two, rather than riding alone, especially in nighttime. Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote: Apartment Le Norway Bestpreis-Garantie Preisvergleich Urlaub buchen bei HolidayCheck Yaoundé ist administrativ in sieben Stadtbezirke aufgeteilt und besitzt rund hundert Quartiere. Architecture / Urban & Land… Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur Yaoundé , la plus belle ville d'Afrique de l'Ouest La population de Yaoundé, capitale du Cameroun, est estimée à 1,5 million d’habitants et on y retrouve tous les groupes ethniques du pays. Restaurants near Le Moulin de France, Yaounde on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Le Moulin de France in Yaounde, Cameroon. Yaoundé. You can buy and reload the cards at newsstands and other points of sale. Perhaps surprisingly, moto taxis are restricted operate only in their own district, so they are suitable just for short trips. Local doctors are used to coping with tropical diseases. Serre, André. If you suspect you have an illness, you can visit them without a remittance from a doctor. Les populations des quartiers situés en périphérie ont recours aux puits et sources pour assouvir leurs besoins. Prices may vary considerably depending on the honesty of your vendor. The rest of the region is connected by tracks usable around the year. La polyphonie constatée est liée à la coexistence des registres populaire et officiel de production urbaine. Bastos, le coin le plus chic et glamour de Yaoundé depuis des lustres. Trouvez l’adresse qui vous intéresse sur la carte Yaoundé ou préparez un calcul d'itinéraire à partir de ou vers Yaoundé, trouvez tous les sites touristiques et les restaurants du Guide Michelin dans ou à proximité de Yaoundé. Il a permis que les populations puissent être au courant des problèmes sociaux qui sévissent dans leurs zones. Zamba ! Credit cards are not universally accepted, especially not at cheaper places of stay. 2-ELECTRICITE ET EAU. To reduce the risk of getting robbed don't show expensive looking objects (especially things that are or appear to be made of gold), and avoid badly lit streets after sunset. D’où l’origine des noms des quartiers de Yaoundé est complexe. Nice ambiance with patio seating in a lush garden area. L’on y trouve tout ce qui donne envie et sensation de bien-être.( In some cases you may be asked how much you'll pay "paye combien?" You should travel with another type of card if possible, Visa Electron is the one widest accepted. La deuxième plus grande ville du Cameroun a de nombreuses opportunités à offrir à ses expatriés de la Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apôtres au palais présidentiel dans le quartier Etoudi. En effet, il est reconnu que la progression des Fang-Beti vers le Sud du Cameroun et leur installation à Yaoundé, se sont opérées en compagnie d’autres tribus. Les limites de la commune urbaine d'arrondissement de Yaoundé 6 dont le siège est situé à Biyem-assi sont celles de l'arrondissement du même nom. There are hotels in all price classes in Yaoundé. Founded in 1888 during the period of the German protectorate, Yaoundé was occupied by Belgian troops in 1915 and was declared the capital Ce quartier ne connait pas encore les problèmes urbains que connaissent les autres quartiers de Yaoundé (eaux usées, promiscuité, inondations). Watch Queue Queue Taxi sharing can be risky, even for Cameroonians, and you may wind up with your cell phone and wallet stolen. 1921 - Yaounde designated administrative seat of colonial French Cameroon. Rentrée 2020/2021. Le MRC de Kamto remporte six bureaux sur six. Que les politiciens en puissance se calment pardon ! The presidential palace and compound is in the Etoudi neighborhood. World news - World news - World news - Le portail des camerounais de Belgique. You can also say "depot" if you want the taxi to yourself. 29 Nov 2020 - Entire home/apt for $37. Escucha y descarga los episodios de LMA - Le Monde Aujourd’hui 05h30 TU - Voix de l'Am gratis. There are several bus stations in Yaoundé, and many have services from Douala. Cet espace qui est relié au Boulevard Jean Paul II par un escalier d’accès, compte 65 bureaux, deux grands halls, une salle des mariages et une salle de réunion. Give the robbers what they demand, usually your money and phone, and they won't harm you. Prices for street vendors shouldn't vary too much for many items. You can also find "Niki" in many places (including the Mfoundi area near the centre). Pourquoi la SCI SECPE Investments a-t-elle connaissance de ces meilleurs quartiers de Yaoundé ? Son name came des populations de la tribu Etoudi lors des migrations Béti. Your email address will not be published. C’est un coin très sympathique au centre-ville, son attractivité résidentielle est très accrue. Money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram, or Express Union International are another way for getting funds. Voici le top 05 des quartiers les plus chics et splendides de Yaoundé. Elle s'étend sur les quartiers suivants : Mendong camp sic ; Nkolbikok II ; Etoug-Ebe I ; Melen I, III, IV, V, VI, VIIA ; Etoug-Ebe II ; Melen VIIB ; Eba Biyem-Assi ; Melen VIIIC, Melen IX ; Nkolbikok I Le revers de la médaille est que si vous habitez ces quartiers, il vous faudra absolument un vehicule et subir les embouteillages le matin quand vous allez au boulot et quand vous rentrer le soir à 18h. Toutefois, il est important de noter que l’onomastique des quartiers de Yaoundé fait référence au relief, à la végétation, à l’hydrographie, à la faune, aux phénomènes observés et aux noms des illustres personnalités. Alors qu’on estime que 67% de la population urbaine du pays habite dans les quartiers dits spontanés, cette proportion serait comprise ente 70 et 80% à Yaoundé. une école supérieure d'économie implantée au coeur de Yaoundé. Train travel is an experience in itself, like is often the case in developing countries. Yaounde Cartes régionales des autoroutes, des dépliants, des situations routières, transport, hébergement, guide, géographique, des informations physiques peut être trouvé avec la carte interactive du monde. These clinics offer high quality equipment and well educated staff: Most small and mid-sized clinics don't have their own laboratories, therefore it's useful to know the location of the ones below. There are also guarded parking lots, which are a good idea for nighttime parking. Punctuality is not as important as in many Western countries. In 1939 the city had about 9,000 inhabitants, and when French and British Cameroon were united into an independent country two decades later, the number had grown tenfold. Save for the hotels in the splurge category, don't expect western standards — matter of fact even warm water isn't available everywhere. Certains quartiers, anciens villages de Yaoundé, ont reçu les noms des tribus qu’ils abritaient. Overall, ticket prices depend on when you travel; travel before holidays and morning departures tend to be more expensive. Tropical diseases spread by mosquitoes, in particular malaria, are an prevalent here.

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